Carpet Installation

You may browse through our large variety of carpet, or speak to a friendly carpet and flooring professional for assistance in choosing your new carpet. You have many choices in the quality, budget, color, and style of carpet so choose wisely and ask questions! We love to help.

Once you have chosen your new carpet, it is time to learn about the next step:Installation of your new carpet

Carpet Pre-Installation Preparations

Our installers will come to your home or office on the day scheduled and in the allotted time frame. For all the rooms that are to have your new carpet installed, we ask that you go through bookcases, tables, dressers, desks, and other furniture and make sure that books, magazines, and small breakable items are put away.

Prep Furniture for Carpet Installers
Items should be moved off of the floor, and all furniture should be ready to be moved. This is also a good time to detach any furniture that may be attached to the wall and disconnect all electronics. This is to make it easier and quicker for our installers to move the furniture around and to prevent disconnecting or connecting the wrong wires and potentially damaging your electronics.

Carpet Installation

Our carpet installers will move furniture out of the way and tear out the old flooring, to make room for the new carpeting. Tack strips and carpet padding will be put down or replaced if needed, and then the installers will begin to lay your new carpet. For commercial installations the installers will asses your sub-floor, patch it as needed, and start to lay the adhesive. If you are removing your old carpet yourself, please leave all tack strips in place and our professional carpet installers will assess whether the existing tack strips have to be replaced or not.

The carpet will be cut into pieces to fit the layout of your home or office. We try to pre-cut jobs in the warehouse, but circumstances sometimes prevent us from doing so. Our professional carpet installers will layout your new carpet for optimal carpet seam placement. Carpet will then be laid out in each room, with extra care to make sure that any patterns match up, and that edges of carpet seams are ready to be glued or seamed together.

The carpet is then stretched and trimmed, and adhered to the tack strips (or placed into the adhesive for commercial installations). Any seams are glued together, and worked over with special tools so that they are as invisible as possible (not all carpet and carpet seams will allow for invisible carpet seam installation, please ask one of our carpet and flooring professionals for more information).

Our installers have a broad knowledge and many years of experience in various techniques and tricks that improve the final installed product.

After Carpet Installation

The furniture is put back in its place and your new carpet (and the smell of that fresh new floor!) is in your home. We will discuss with you the best care for your new carpet.